How to Take Kamagra Properly


There is no other way to take Kamagra but orally. Whether it is a soft tablet, gel or tablet, this medicine needs to be taken with a glass of water. It’s not against the law to drink it without water, but the water will help it pass through easily.

Take with A Glass of Water

It’s more advisable to take pills or tablets with a glass of water, because sometimes they get lodged in the throat. This can either be painful or cause a suffocating feeling. It could choke a person if the pill or tablet gets stuck; especially those that were designed to only melt inside the stomach. Refrain from chewing or crushing the tablets, otherwise the medicine will be incorporated into the taste buds without effect.

Follow Prescriptions Correctly

Taking Kamagra pills or tablets should be limited to one 100mg per day. Any more than that will have to be approved by a doctor, but so far there has been no serious condition to require dosages beyond 100 mg. Usually, doctors will put a patient under therapeutic sessions to see if the erectile dysfunction is not manageable. Sometimes, erectile dysfunction is caused by an emotional or psychological trauma. If the patient is able to respond to the therapy positively but still unable to have a natural erection, he will then be prescribed with the drug.

Do not Take if Under Unhealthy Conditions

If the male patient has other conditions, aside from the erectile dysfunction, like heart diseases or liver problems he should consult with the doctor first. Those who have allergic reactions to some medicines should also ask more about the detail of the drug. If he is unsure of what triggers the allergy, it’s best to have a skin allergy test before taking the medicine. Nevertheless, it’s always sensible to consult with a doctor first before trying to take any type of medication at all. The drug is meant to treat erectile dysfunction, not enhance sexual performance or the size of the male’s sexual organ. Attempting to acquire drugs like this without prescription form the doctor could only result in a bad situation.

Avoid Self-Medication

Never judge your health issues by your own assessment. Seeking professional and medical opinion will not only save patients from making a mistake but from making outstanding expenses. It can be very expensive to experiment or attempt self-medication; regardless if that person is a professional nurse or a medical student. Making medicinal mistakes will create bigger possibilities for a health complication. If anything, one would be better off by trying natural cures like eating healthily and meditating.

Kamagra is not like other drugs that you would pop and expect to work in 15 minutes. The medicine takes 40 minutes to an hour to dissolve and take effect, and they should only be taken prior to a sexual activity. It is after all, made to assist men in such times. It is also suggested to have an empty stomach for the drug to become more effective. The body will dissolve its properties quicker and better that way. Lastly, it is imperative to avoid drinking alcohol, shortly before, during or shortly after taking the medicine.