Important Facts about Breast Augmentation Surgery


Thousands of people search on the Internet using the keywords breast augmentation and cosmetic surgeons. There are literally hundreds of cosmetic surgery clinics and over the last couple of years most of these clinics have continuously invested in developing modern breast augmentation techniques and then again has resulted in tremendous competition in the market. It is this competition that has helped make breast augmentation surgery mainstream because the prices have dropped like anything over the last couple of years. However, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind before facing an appointment with your favorite breast augmentation surgery clinic.

On one hand, you should be aware of the fact that breast augmentation surgeries are not meant to bring about permanent changes in your body. In this procedure breast implants are used to increase the size of the breasts, but that is not a permanent change because after a couple of years your body would actually grow uncomfortable about those implants that you might have to go for another surgery at that time. Typically, breast implants last around 10 to 15 years and after that they need to be replaced with new ones. Most plastic surgery clinics out there would give you discounts on follow-up visits and that is going to help bring down the overall cost of the breast augmentation surgery. There are basically two different kinds of implants that are used for such surgeries – silicone breast implants and saline filled breast implants. Although the silicone breast implants are more popular, a lot of people also choose to go for the saline filled breast implants. If you want to go for silicone breast implants, you need to be at least 21 years of age because that is the legal age for such implants are decided by the US FDA, but there is no such thing for the other kinds of implants. The silicone breast implants are usually tougher and hence they give firmer breasts. These are usually preferred by teenagers and middle-aged women. Since they are tougher, they tend to last longer and did not get damaged easily. At the end of the day it all depends on your choice.

Need additional information? : Dr ZachariaAs far as incisions are concerned, there are a lot of different varieties of incisions that are made by doctors to insert the breast implants. Here also, it all depends on your physiological features and your choice. The two basic incisions used by doctors are beneath the skin inserts and beneath breast tissue inserts. After the surgery has been successfully completed, it’s going to take a couple of weeks for you to recover completely and during this time you would be required to stay away from cigarettes and alcohol because those things interfere with healing.

Unlike the scenario that used to be there a couple of decades back, breast augmentation surgery is no longer considered a taboo – it has become more mainstream and is also capable of early diagnosis of tumors and breast cancer.